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No Trespassing

Taunton Lake, like many of the lakes in this area, is a private lake. It is for use and enjoyment only by Taunton Lake residents (members of Old Taunton Colony Club) and their guests.

Members rely on other members to display proper identification, so they can tell residents from intruders. Please do your part, to help make sure our lake doesn't turn into "public domain."

So it's important to have a current year's boat sticker on both sides of your boat. If the stickers are not current or are missing, then current beach tags are needed. And beach tags are needed whenever a member or a member's guests are on Colony Club property. (You also need a valid, current New Jersey fishing license to fish in the lake, even if you're a resident.)

The Medford Police and conservation officers from the state Division of Fish and Game patrol the lakes in the Medford area in an effort to help reduce trespassing problems. If you do spot an intruder on the late (i.e., someone without a beach tag or boat sticker), you are within your rights to politely ask them to leave. If you don't feel comfortable doing so, you may also call the police or any member of the Colony Club board.

Beach tags and boat stickers can be obtained from Colony Club treasurer Chuck Watson (983-0848).